Those Ordinaries will never shut us out of society again.

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The first ever Ordinary  to be classified as "Gifted " was in 2666, or as some religious say: The year of the Devil. Since then, more and more Ordinaries have been classified as Gifted. Some people believed it was a disease, and most diseases have cures. They tried making cures. But they all seemed to fail miserably. Things didn't seem to be looking up for the world...more and more Ordinaries becoming Gifted. It seemed as though Satan was cursing our small little planet Earth.

But being Gifted is not a disease.

The Gifted are dangerous people that access more of their brain than the usual 10% Ordinaries can access. The religious Gifted believe this small legend: God gives you a special Gift, because He believes you are worthy of it. Your Gift is dependant on what your mind can handle. Every Gifted is something powerful...God gave it to you because He believes in you. You are not a demon spawn, a curse sent from Satan, a disease with no cure, you are something unique. The Ordinaries will never have that. Only you will. Use it wisely.

The Gifted are dangerous...The Ordinaries thought the same thing. So, the shut them out from society. If you are classified as Gifted by your doctor, you are to leave whatever country you're in and move as far as you can. You're not socially acceptable anymore. You're worthless.

It's year 3015, newly sixteen year old Scarlett Sakutaro has been sent to a mysterious hidden school, Amun Academy: For The Gifted, by her mother. You're probably thinking: "Oh, Scarlett's the newbie, what she'll be American and have great significance in this season? Will she fall in love with a boy you would never see her with? What cheesy mystery is waiting for the Scooby Doo Gang Sibuna this year?"

You're not thinking correctly.

Things, aren't how you know them. Sibuna isn't a group who solves mysteries anymore. They're sick, twisted, evil, they plan on controlling the world, wiping all Ordinaries from existence.

Yeah, Scarlett's gonna be that one girl who can just randomly save the day with her Levitation Gift that she can't even control.

It's not that easy, reader.

It's definitely harder when you have a One Hundred Percenter on your side. Of course the bad guys have the good weapons.

What's a one hundred percenter, you ask? It's a very rare case. It occurs once every certain amount of centuries. They are the only Gifted in existence to be able to have access to all one hundred percent of their brain. Meaning, they have access to every Gift known to man. Wanna talk about dangerous? THAT'S dangerous. And you know who has to deal with the one hundred percenter? Scarlett. And you know who's most likely going to fail at saving the universe from Sibuna? Scarlett and the other Anubis Students.

Because no one can beat a powerful group with someone so powerful, they can control every single living and nonliving thing possible.

Especially a group with someone so powerful...and so possessed.













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